Sunday, June 26, 2016

Light Experiment

For science my group decided to see what happened if we could do an obstacle course using a torch.
To accomplish this, we had to scatter the mirrors in very specific areas and we had to direct the light from the torch in different directions.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


In my science experiment with Lucas and Corbin, we tried to see what would happen if we placed a piece of bread in a bag and left it there for 3 weeks.
The piece of bread only grew a tiny bit of mold and it grew near the top of the bread.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Science Inquiry

These links are currently being used in my science inquiry on robotics.
The two links lead to my brainstorm which includes my questions, goals and prior knowledge.
The other link leads to my google doc which contains my sources and notes. 

R.E Holy Spirit

In my Google Drawing about the Holy Spirit,
The three symbols each show a symbol of the trinity.
The halo being a symbol of God, The cross representing the time Jesus died on the cross and the dove being reminiscent of the time that Jesus got baptised by John the Baptist.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The 1940’s was a horrible period for everybody in the World as the war broke out...Again.
This time, instead of 38 million people dying, it rose all the way up to 60 million. Quite a lot of those deaths were because the Germans, or Nazi’s and the evil Nazi doctors.
In this essay, you are going to learn about the Nazi’s and their goal as well as Josef Mengele and the experiments that they conducted.

What did Josef Mengele and other Nazi doctors conduct

Josef Mengele was sent to Auschwitz once his training was finished and he was partnered up with several doctors that were in charge of their experiments.

So what did Mengele do in Auschwitz?
He was mainly interested in genetic research and twins and he would arrange the twins by gender and age. He conducted truly horrifying experiments that were described as “unspeakable” and “un-humanlike”.
These included injecting different coloured dyes into the eyes of the twins to see whether this would change their eye colour and stitching the twins together in an effort to make conjoined or, siamese twins. Over 1500 twins were used in these experiments. When he was finished with the experiments, he would inject chloroform into the heart of the twins, taking their lives.

Of course, he wasn’t the only one to conduct such experiments. Other doctors such Hans Eppinger conducted the Seawater experiment. This experiment forced the test subjects to drink nothing but seawater as an attempt to make seawater drinkable. As a result of this,all of the test subjects became extremely dehydrated and others even observed them licking mopped floors in an attempt to get drinkable water. All test subjects died as a result of the seawater.

Dachau Concentration Camp was also a place where doctors experimented on prisoners as well as Auschwitz.
This one experiment included using mosquitoes as a way to find if there was a cure for malaria. Healthy prisoners were infested with mosquitoes and as a result of this, about ¾ of the subjects died.
There are actually so many other experiments that the Nazi’s conducted but there are too many to name and explain. If you want to know more about these experiments, Google is here for you.

The Nazi’s, as we all know today are the people responsible for the Holocaust which was a genocide that killed six and a half million Jews in World War 2.
So… What were the Nazi organization’s ultimate goal?
The Nazi’s actually were focused on quite a lot of things which included the persecution of Jews. They achieved this by using death camps such as Auschwitz to gas them and force them into labour. The only ones that would enter labour were the ones who were deemed fit for it. The others, on the other hand would be gassed in the chamber to never be seen again. They did all of this due to the fact that they thought that the Jews were inferior to the Germans.
The Nazi’s also liked to express their dissatisfaction with the Treaty Of Versailles, the treaty that ended the First World War. It has been said that the treaty was completely unjust towards the country of Germany and by burdening it with reparations that they could never pay.

World War 2 was known as one of the worst conflicts in human history. Part of it was because of the Nazi’s and the Nazi Doctors who conducted the disturbing human experiments. Those were the 2 topics that caught my interest the most due to the events that unfolded because of the Nazi’s and the stupidity of the Germans.
I hope that nobody will conduct such a horrible genocide like this again and become heartless beasts.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

ECB Trip

Today I had an amazing experience doing ECB and visiting my buddy at Edna McCulloch.
I had Matthew with me as well on the trip and his buddy was called Cruz while mine was called Cameron.
When we got to the kindergarten we first found our buddies and introduced ourselves to them.
We then watched them make a volcano and make it explode. After that they showed us around the kindergarten and we took turns spinning the kids around in a barrel.
I managed to get all the kids to follow me at some point and I drew them a map of St Jo's on sand.
It turns out that my buddy was going for a visit today and so was Matthew's.
I enjoyed meeting all of the kids there and having a play with them. It turned out that most of them were going to Fenwick once they finished kindy.
I got a bit sad when we were leaving.
2 weeks is a LONG time.